“Six Ordinary but Incredibly Grateful Things”


Today, I’d like to share six things that we often take for granted in our daily lives, but are actually incredibly valuable. I hope reading this reminds you to appreciate the everyday aspects of life.

  1. Having a Place to Return To: It’s a blessing to have a safe place, a personal space where you can feel at ease. This place could be a physical location or simply somewhere your heart finds peace.
  2. Good Health: Being physically fit and able to move about effortlessly in our daily routines is something to be grateful for. We often realize the value of good health especially when we fall ill.
  3. Loved Ones: Having family, friends, or a partner who cares for you is an essential aspect of happiness. The presence of people who love you is a precious gift.
  4. Clean Water and Air: Although we might take it for granted, having access to clean water and breathing fresh air is incredibly fortunate. These basic environmental factors significantly impact our quality of life.
  5. Freedom of Choice: The liberty to make daily decisions based on your own will is extremely valuable. This freedom allows for personal growth and enriches your life.
  6. Opportunities to Challenge Yourself: The chance to try new things and embrace challenges is vital for self-improvement. These opportunities can lead you into new worlds and experiences.

Remembering these things can help us live with a sense of gratitude. True happiness often lies in what seems ordinary at first glance. Let’s not forget to appreciate the seemingly simple yet significant aspects of our lives.