“Things 90% of People Struggling with Relationships Don’t Know”


Today, I’d like to share insights for those who often find themselves struggling with relationships. Whether it’s now or in the past, it’s common to encounter difficulties in human connections. Here are some perspectives that might help alleviate some of those challenges:

  1. It’s Okay to Choose Your Relationships: You don’t always have to be kind to every friend. Relationships evolve; they can grow closer or drift apart. It’s normal to become distant at times, especially as life stages change. It’s okay to distance yourself from relationships that don’t add value to your life.
  2. Escaping Problems Can Be an Option: Facing every problem head-on isn’t always necessary. Consider if the issue is worth your effort. Remember, you’re not obliged to solve every problem that arises.
  3. Being Self-Centered is Normal: It’s typical for people to prioritize their own needs. Constantly putting others first can prevent you from experiencing your own life fully. Engage in actions that fulfill you, and this can inadvertently benefit others too.
  4. You Don’t Need to Change: Many people think they need to change to improve their relationships. However, accepting yourself as you are is crucial. Self-acceptance brings comfort and confidence, making interactions with others more genuine and relaxed.
  5. You Haven’t Met Most People Yet: If you feel disliked, remember that you’ve interacted with only a tiny fraction of the world’s population. There’s a vast number of people you haven’t met yet who might appreciate and resonate with you.

In summary, all worries stem from our mindset. Changing how we think can resolve many issues. The points mentioned here aren’t definitive answers but rather suggestions to help you find a more comfortable way to handle relationships. Adopt what resonates with you and helps you live more comfortably.