“Seven Things You Should Quit to Increase Your Happiness”


When you hear “I want to be happy,” it might seem like you need to achieve something special or start a new challenge. But what if you were told that you could be happier just by stopping certain habits? So, let’s introduce “habits to quit to become happier,” with seven examples.

  1. Turning the Conversation to Yourself When an Interesting Topic Comes Up If you have the habit of interrupting others to talk about yourself, it’s better to stop. This is often done unconsciously, but it can make others feel uncomfortable. By focusing on listening instead of interrupting, your relationships can significantly improve.
  2. Gossiping About Close Relationships Gossiping or just complaining, no matter how much you do it, doesn’t create anything positive. It’s a waste of time and generates negative energy. By stopping this, you’ll naturally have more time for positive conversations. However, discussing distant relationships (like someone you admire) can sometimes have a positive effect.
  3. Saying ‘Yes’ to Invitations You Don’t Want to Accept Are you accumulating stress and dissatisfaction by saying YES out of inconvenience? Saying YES out of inertia isn’t good for you or the other person. Value your true feelings and have the courage to say NO.
  4. Watching YouTube Recommendations in a Row Continuously watching videos can make you passive. There’s a difference between content that comes to you, like videos, and actively reading books or articles. By spending time on conversations with people, reading books of interest, and “actively consuming content,” you may find more fulfillment.
  5. Trying to Balance Based on Others’ Opinions The scorer of your life is you. If you feel your life was 30 points, even if others say it was 100 points, it’s meaningless. Live a life where you can say it was 100 points, regardless of others’ 30-point rating. Others’ scores are just noise in your life.
  6. Trying to Solve Worries Alone Worries, when kept to oneself, often escalate rather than resolve. Sharing them with others can lead to quick solutions or at least a starting point for resolution. It’s better to talk to someone, even via DM on social media, than to keep it to yourself.
  7. Collecting Information on Your Smartphone Until Just Before Bed If you’re using your smartphone right up until bedtime, you might not be getting deep sleep. Stepping away from your phone to relax and get quality rest can enrich your life. Rest and activity are two sides of the same coin. To enhance one, you need to improve the other.

In summary, how was it?

This time, I introduced “habits to stop to become happier.” If any of these habits resonate with you, try stopping them from today.