“Eight Strategies for Recovering from a Mental Breakdown”


Life isn’t always at its peak, and everyone experiences mental downtimes. Here are “Eight Strategies for Recovering from a Mental Breakdown” that you can try:

  1. Get 8 Hours of Sleep Quality sleep is crucial. If you’re short on sleep, mental stability is challenging. Aim for 8 hours of sleep, and expose yourself to sunlight right after waking up to help with sound sleep at night.
  2. Immerse in Nature Spending time in nature – mountains, rivers, seas – can significantly relax the mind. Since humans evolved in natural environments, prolonged exposure to artificial surroundings can subconsciously affect mental well-being. Interacting with nature, like sitting around a campfire, is highly recommended.
  3. Interact with Animals If you have access to a zoo, it’s a great opportunity. Interaction with animals can reduce stress and warm the heart. This is one reason why many people own pets.
  4. Eat What You Like If you’re mentally down, take a break from any strict diet or health regime and eat what you enjoy. Stress can cause loss of appetite, so it’s important to eat well.
  5. Don’t Overthink the Cause Dwelling on the cause of your stress can amplify anxiety and restlessness. Instead, focus on diversions and refreshing activities.
  6. Set Small, Concrete Goals When feeling mentally overwhelmed, set small, achievable goals. For example, make it a point to open the curtains in the morning or go for a walk. Small steps can lead to significant progress.
  7. Don’t Blame Yourself Everyone gets down and has weaknesses; you’re not alone. Remember, everyone feels anxious and strives to live their best. Mental health naturally fluctuates.
  8. Think of Disliked People as ‘Intelligent Gorillas’ If you’re stressed about relationships, imagine the difficult person as a ‘talking gorilla.’ It might lessen the friction. After all, you wouldn’t get upset if an animal doesn’t understand you.

In summary, maintaining stable mental health requires regular care and stress relief. Utilize these strategies to keep a healthy mental state. Remember to cherish yourself and maintain a positive outlook as part of a happy life.