“Touching and Memorable Words from a Mother”


Mothers often have a way of expressing life’s truths in simple yet powerful words. Today, let’s explore some profound sayings that resonate deeply, coming from the wisdom of a mother’s long-lived experience.

  1. “Even if two or three people dislike you, there are still 6 billion others on Earth.” When a few people dislike us, we might feel like nobody understands us. However, their ‘world’ is just a small circle around us. Remember that the world is vast and seeking approval from everyone is impossible. There are billions of people out there – you don’t need to be liked by everyone.
  2. “It’s like colored pencils. The most important ones run out first.” This teaches us what we should prioritize in life. Time spent with the people and things most important to us is the most valuable. Don’t waste energy on trivial matters; focus on what truly matters.
  3. “You live a lifetime whether you cry or laugh, so choose to laugh.” No matter how you spend it, life ends the same for everyone. So why not spend this fleeting moment of life figuring out how to make it the best? This is the secret to a happy life.
  4. “True kindness is being kind without seeking to be noticed.” Kindness fueled by a desire for recognition isn’t true kindness. Genuine benevolence and kindness come from a place of pure compassion, not self-promotion.
  5. “Life is like killing time. Make it fun.” This emphasizes the importance of enjoying life. Life is short. While there will be tough times, don’t miss out on the joyful moments. Live positively. There’s no single right way to live. Everyone is living life for the first time, so pursue your own happiness.

In summary, these maternal words of wisdom highlight the importance of perspective, prioritizing what matters, finding joy in life, authentic kindness, and making the most of our time. Everyone’s life journey is unique – chase what makes you happy.